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2012:  The Year to Create!

Inspired by Ann Voskamp,  we have given a name to this year.  Last year Kara named 2011 the Year of Practice.   So she mastered the habit of good practice.  OK.... not really.  Turns out, she still needs to put forth quite a bit of practice in all areas of her life.  The point is not mastery, but focus.  Our family has named 2012 the Year to Create, and our  focus will be on creativity!  And just like practice, we create all the time.  We are creative beings because we were created by the most Creative Being of all.  Made in His image, we are designed to continue on in creativity.  In doing that which He created us to do we honor Him, reflect Him and worship Him.  Yes, our creating is an act of worship.

Our family decided to make a blog in order to keep an e-record of our creative efforts this year.  While thinking on blog names together, Samuel came up with Imagination Nexus.  This works so well, because while not all of our creative endeavors will be original in nature (we will follow patterns and recipes recreating the ideas of others as well as our own), we will certainly be exercising our imaginations this year.  The nexus is where we join and link with others and share our art together.  So this, our family blog for 2012, is Imagination Nexus!  

We hope our friends and family will not only enjoy following our artistic adventure, but that you will join us, and post your creations here as well!  There are no rules.... the creating can happen in a meal, poem, photograph, garden... even in the way you dress or do your hair!  The opportunities to flex our creative muscles are endless.  

Finally, no year can be fully framed with just one word or phrase other than "If the Lord wills".  Each of us has our own personal, and sometimes private, conversation with God about our hopes for a new year.  There are resolutions, hopes and dreams that will not be written here or even expressed in any other public way.  Not everything do we do in community, but all is sacred.  This year of creating is not just about making things, it's about connecting with the Lord and each other in a new way.  It is something we can, and should, share.  We hope you will share it with us.

The Liechtys